LEAKED!: 6 Episode Plots From The New Season of 'Black Mirror'

Just today, Netflix announced that they've picked up a twelve-episode run of the smash sci-fi series Black Mirror and our Hollywood snoops have already got themselves a big, fat scoop on the new season! Here are six bleak takes on the dark side our technology-centered society that are rumored to be streaming soon.

  • In a future where every citizen must complete their DAR (Daily Activity Requirement) to avoid being labeled as a burden on the national healthcare system, Sarah tries to sneak in an “off day” by sending her government issued fitness tracker for a joyride in her driverless car. The incredible speed and distance of Sarah’s “workouts” quickly turn her into the country’s biggest fitness celebrity... without her ever having to lift a finger! However, Sarah still ends up "breaking a sweat" when she learns that her vehicle has been involved in a mysterious series of fatal hit and runs.


  • In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes… because it’s required by law! In order to satisfy a meme-ravenous public, the government institutes a mandatory three-year service in the Department of Homeland Delight and Share-ability for every citizen once they turn eighteen. With just twenty-four hours left to create a piece of viral content, a young man manically stages and records a deaf dog operating frozen yogurt machine in a desperate attempt to stave off execution.


  • When Emily meets the man of her dreams, Adam, on the new dating app “Mr. Right” she thinks he’s too good to be true… and she’s right! When Emily accidentally discovers that “Mr. Right” is creating perfect matches by brainwashing refugees of the California Water Wars with users Amazon purchase history, she must choose between her happiness and Adam’s freedom.


  • When computing giant Appaul’s stock starts to plummet, CEO Jim Crook must decide whether to try and resuscitate the company’s founder, Steef Joobs', legacy of industry-leading innovation or succumb to shareholders’ pressure and release the latest iFone, whose only new feature is that it can perform oral sex on its owner.


  • When a fertility clinic’s delivery drone goes rogue and mixes a sperm sample with a donated egg to create a human embryo, America becomes obsessed with a new reality show competition created to decide who will act as surrogate to “The Air Baby.”


  • When a video of Rob accidentally taking someone’s Starbucks order starts spreading on social media, an online community of vigilantes creates a Kickstarter to raise enough money to force Rob to “butt-chug a Frappuccino.” With only $1,200 to go until the campaign reaches its goal, Rob plans to divert outrage away from himself by tricking Matt Lauer into saying the “n-word” during his Today Show apology interview.