A Piece of Intentionally Vague Erotic Literature

Author’s Note: When it comes to the various forms of erotica, literature reigns supreme because of its ability to truly engage the sexual imagination. While photographic or cinematic pornography demand that viewers align their sexual preferences and taste to that of the creator if they hope to achieve arousal, readers of erotic literature can use the author’s words to create their own perfect fantasy in their mind.

In an attempt to present the art form in its purest form, I have written a short piece of fiction that is nothing more than an erotic template into which one can insert one’s own kinks and desires. Consider it a series of prompts with which to guide your own sexual experience; a masturbatory mad-libs, if you will.

And please, enjoy.


Wayne sat on the foot of his bed and watched in awe as Olivia began undressing in front of him. It had been a wild night, but Wayne never thought it would have ended with him taking home the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. She was an absolute knock out, like Megan Fox crossed with Beyonce crossed with Taylor Swift crossed with Kate Upton crossed with Mila Kunis crossed with Niki Minaj crossed with Diane Lane.

Olivia swayed from side to side, moving her sexy body to the sexy music only she could hear, and slipped out of her clothes. Soon, she stood in front of Wayne in nothing but her underwear.

“Lucky dog,” Wanye thought to himself. It turned out that Olivia was wearing the kind of underwear that turned Wayne on the most. Wayne could never say why, but he always loved to see a woman in the kind of underwear Olivia was wearing. He was just a that-kind-of-underwear kinda guy.

Olivia reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra. Slowly, she let it drop from her chest, revealing her bare breasts to Wayne.

“Perfect,” Wayne murmured, referring to the size and shape of Olivia’s breasts. “Just the way I like ‘em.”

“How about a little foreplay?” Olivia asked with a cocky smirk. She strutted over to Wayne, quickly undid his pants, and fished out his erect penis. Olivia began touching Wayne’s erect penis with different parts of her body and face in a various number of ways. Some of the ways Wayne had had done to him before and he liked very much. Some of the ways Wayne had only fantasized about having happen to him. And some things Wanye could not have possibly thought of in his wildest dreams. None of the ways were actual vaginal intercourse, but they still made Wayne’s erect penis feel very, very good.

“Enough of all this foreplay,” Wayne grunted. “Let’s get down to the real deal. I want to be inside of you in some fashion.”

Olivia put her mouth to Wayne’s ear. “Should we get a condom, baby?” she whispered. “Part of me wants to be safe, but another part of me wants to feel you, all of you, so, so bad.”

“I know,” Wayne sighed. “I’m right there with you, baby. It’s such a hard decision.”

At that moment, Wayne and Olivia locked eyes. They stared deeply at each other, as if they could see straight through to each other’s souls. In that look they both knew immediately whether or not they wanted to use a condom. They nodded in silent agreement, then kissed each other deeply, a sexy handshake on their plan of whether or not to use a condom for when they engaged in sexual intercourse for the rest of the evening.

Olivia was first to break the kiss. “Well, how do you want to do me?” she gasped.

“This way,” responded Wayne, arranging their arms, legs, and bodies in a configuration he imagined that he and Olivia would both desire.

“Oh yes. That definitely works for me,” Olivia squealed. “And you know you can put it anywhere you want,” Olivia told him. “My mouth. My vagina. My anus. My breasts. I’ll stimulate your erect penis any which way.”

A broad grin across his face, Wayne nestled his erect penis into one of the many places Olivia had previously mentioned and began to thrust.

“Ooh, yes, baby!” Olivia screamed. “Yes! Fuck me shorgf-er.” 

“Huh?” said Wayne.

“Fuck me shorgf-er. Please, baby. Please fuck me shorgf-er. Fuck me nice and shorgf.”

“What was that, baby?” Wayne asked as he continued to thrust his erect penis. “I couldn’t quite make out what you said.”

“Oh. Sorry, baby,” Olivia panted. “I was trying to tell you the speed at which I want to be fucked. Here, let me just show you.” Olivia raised her hands up and began to clap out a rhythm. Wayne quickly matched the tempo of Olivia’s claps with his hips.

“Is that how you like it, baby? Is that the speed you at which like to be fucked?” Wayne asked.

“Yes. The way you are fucking me now. That's what feels best. That’s how I like to be fucked. Keep fucking me like how you are fucking me now,” Olivia moaned back.

Wayne could feel that he was close to orgasm. “I'm going to come.” he announced to Olivia.

“Ooh. Come here for me, baby,” Olivia said, pointing to a very desirable part of her body into or on to which to ejaculate. Wayne abided and ejaculated into or on to where Olivia had previously indicated. “Mmm. I love it when you come where you just came,” Olivia moaned.

“Me as well,” rasped an exhausted and depleted Wayne. “Me as well.”