THINKPIECE: Are We Doing Enough To Alienate Women In Comedy?

Yes, we're all complicit in the patriarchy. And that's a great start. But we need to start actively discouraging women from participating in making other people laugh. 

How To Be An Ally:

  • If there must be a part for a women in your video, give it to someone beautiful you want to fuck.
  • Look at all the times you wrote about sex in your script. Does it have to be consensual? Often times, the answer is no.
  • Remember that half the Earth's population is women, so half of the acts in your comedy show should be sex offenders, perverts, assholes, and general creeps. And that's at a bare minimum. Try booking an entire show filled with awful, awful dudes.
  • Control-F and search for all the female names in your sketch. Replace them with “Bitch,” “Whore,” “Slut,” or any of the countless slurs our society employs to reduce women to nothing more than a vagina.  
  • Empower other like-minded sexists. Women will be working with other women to produce comedy, so work with other men to shut women out of the industry. Drown out their voices so yours can be heard. 
  • Support male-driven comedy. Purchase “This Is The End” on Blu-Ray and Digital Video Disc. See 90% of movies in theaters. Watch 90% of television. Go to 90% of all stand-up, sketch, and improv shows. If men don't support each other, who will? Other than everyone on the planet?