These Insanely Good Looking Bikini Models Will Reaffirm Everything You Knew About Beauty

This woman is beautiful.

So is this one.

And this one.

And this one as well. Yowza. How is that even a top?

There are many different type of women who come up when you Google "models in bikinis," and all of them are beautiful.

Top Bikini Models.jpg

They don't all look exactly alike.

Some of them have different color hair, or a different level of tan.

Some of them were bullies as children. Some of them still are.

Some of them are more beautiful than the others. We're talking specifically about that fourth girl. I mean, hello, what is this, Harrison Bergeron? Who would ever put a handicap on her? Achi machi.

But all of them are either professional bikini models or were deemed attractive enough by a patriarchal society to be included in a cursory Google search of "models in bikinis."

Let's see that fourth girl again.

A message to women (who are bikini models): you are beautiful. You are stunning. You are goddesses - in fact, some of you are so beautiful I'm starting to believe that is less of a metaphor and more of a literal fact (fourth girl, I will build a temple on a hill in your name.) But all of you bikini models, take heed - you are making a living off of your body and that's more than 99% of these busted up fat cows can say. Love yourself, because standards of beauty take far more than a single human lifespan to change.