Someone Needs To Be President, Why Not Marco Rubio?

In the history of our great nation, there has always been a President. Why? Because someone needs to be President. That person could easily be Marco Rubio, who is not only a person, but a person who wants to be President.

Let's face it – someone needs to sit in the President chair and do President things. Marco Rubio can be that person. No one can dispute that of all the people in God's greatest nation, one of them needs to be the President. Why not Marco Rubio? Remember, someone has to be President. Marco Rubio's body has mass. It can be in the President chair.

Marco Rubio has hands that can sign executive orders. Signing executive orders is a part of being President. Someone has to sign those. Mar Rubio has been signing his name on bank checks and UPS packages for years. His hand does not hurt unless he signs a lot of orders, and he knows how to put ice on his hand in the unlikely event that happens.

The Oval Office cannot be empty. No one in the Oval Office = no one running America. When Marco Rubio is in a room, the room is no longer empty. It is full of Marco Rubio. If that room is the Oval Office, it will be full of President Marco Rubio.

Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution and said there needed to be a President all of the time. Marco Rubio can be the President all of the time. If you put food and water in him and don't shoot him with bullets, he will not die, which is key to fulfilling our Founding Fathers' dream of having a President that is alive and serving in office. Even if you take away his food and water and fill him up with bullets, Marco Rubio will do his best not to die and keep being the President.

You're not going to be President. Neither is your friend Paul. Stephanie won't be President because she is busy with her arts and crafts. Marco Rubio will put aside his arts and crafts and be the President this nation needs – not in terms of policy, but literal need. Do not forget that we have to have a President to have an America.



Look at this picture of Marco Rubio. You don't have to change anything about this picture for Marco Rubio to be President in it. You could add a little thing that says “President of America Marco Rubio” under it and there doesn't even need to be an election. Did you know that nowhere in the Constitution does it say that a President has to be intelligent, charismatic, powerful, capable, or presidential? It just says that someone should be President. Marco Rubio is someone. Marco Rubio will even pay millions of dollars so he can be President. What a deal. When I go to the ballot next November, I'm going to write in Marco Rubio.