More Questions To Ask At The Passover Seder

You've asked the four questions – now you've got an understandable hankering for more. Here are your only other options!

Has anyone at this table formed an opinion of me based on something I've posted on Facebook?

What was Mom and Dad's first kiss like?

Why are the nipple and areola the most obscene parts of the breast?

Who here will be the third to die?

What is black culture?

How many of our older relatives are autistic but don't know it because medical science didn't have a diagnosis for it when they were growing up?

Who at the table works the hardest to make the least amount of money?

Where are the load-bearing walls?

Suppose we all married our oldest sibling – which couple would have the happiest relationship?

What do you think Bill Cosby is doing right now?

If I told you I have been carrying dice in my pocket every day, how surprised would you be?

What percentage of pets are forced to be pets against their will?

How many times during tonight's dinner would I have to say the phrase “good chow” before I'd get punched?

How much would it bother you if I said I was changing my name to Morgan but refused to say why?

Do you think there's a “Christmas With The Kranks” porn out there?

Except for the insurance industry and the mafia, is there another business that primarily makes money by not helping their customers?

What's the thing you've done in this room that you're least proud of?

What about this generation will future generations think is horribly, unforgivably racist?

Can I get a couple more scoopfuls of this good chow?