Mommy Loves Her Good Boys And Hates Her Bad Boys

Mommy loves her good boys, yes she does. All of Mommy's good boys get fudge. Just like the music says, all good boys deserve fudge. And Mommy loves to give her good boys fudge.

As long as Mommy's boys are good, Mommy's boys will get all the homemade fudge they want. Good boys can have fudge in the morning and fudge at lunch. Good boys can have fudge for dinner and fudge before bedtime. The fudge can have walnuts in it or have no walnuts at all. Every single one of Mommy's good boys are plump for all the rich and chocolatey fudge they eat.

When Mommy's boys are bad is when we have a problem. Mommy loves her good boys almost as much as she hates her bad boys. Mommy hates her bad boys oh so much. Mommy's bad boys don't get Mommy's homemade fudge. Mommy's bad boy's bottoms are red like Jersey tomatoes. Mommy's bad boy's bottoms never poop out fudge.

Mommy's good boys can put a piece of fudge between two other pieces of fudge and make a fudge sandwich. Mommy even lets her good boys cut their fudge into triangles and have slice of fudge pizza with extra fudge on top. Mommy's good boys are chunky little chipmunks with fudge in their cheeks.

Mommy's bad boys stand in line like little soldiers and one by one Mommy asks them to dance. Mommy dances the longest with her baddest boys. None of Mommy's bad boys are ever asked to dance again.

Mommy's good boys get to watch Mommy make her homemade fudge. Mommy's good boys get to lick the spatula and get their mouths all sticky and brown. Mommy's good boys get a peanut butter pop, which is Mommy's special peanut butter on a stick. Mommy's special peanut butter is made of peanuts and fudge.

Mommy's bad boys don't stay bad for very long. Even Mommy's baddest boy Anthony became a good boy after just one dance. Now Anthony is full of fudge. He gets to stick his tongue in Mommy's mixing bowl and smack his lips. Mommy is so happy he's not a bad boy any more. Mommy really hates her bad boys. Mommy's bad boys hardly sleep at night. Mommy's bad boys lie awake wondering if they'll ever have to dance again. Mommy's bad boys know the music by heart.

Mommy's good boys work in Mommy's fudge factory. Mommy lets her good boys wrap each piece of fudge. Seal it with a kiss – that's Mommy's motto.

Mommy's bad boys never see the factory. Mommy's bad boys wear tap shoes for the rest of their lives. Mommy would rather give fudge than dance but in the end its up to each little boy whether they want to be bad or good. Mommy respects the choices of all her boys but don't make the wrong one or the ballroom awaits.