I Made These #BoycottStarbucks Memes Because I Like To Watch The World Burn

What's that? Does it look to you like all the hub-bub surrounding the Starbucks "Red Cup Controversy" is finally starting to die down? Did you feel like #ItsJustACup had won the day?Well, I wouldn't be so sure about that just yet...

My sweet, simple child. It's time you learned that for some of us, these bursts of internet outrage are a kind of entertainment. I've tried getting my kicks elsewhere, but no drink, drug, or dame has ever thrilled me quite like starting up a Reddit thread about whether or not a Star Wars film with a "Black Stormtrooper" can count as cannon.

So excuse me while I throw a couple fresh logs onto the dying embers of #BoycottStarbucks and release these quippy, conservative memes I created into the wild of the web. It's not that that I agree with any of part #BoycottStarbucks. Far from it. It's just that I want to warm myself by its flames for a bit longer.