A Bedtime Prayer

The sun is gone and the day is done.
There’s no more chores to do. No more errands to be run.
Time to lay your head down, but before you sleep
Flip your frown and bare your teeth.
So if you should die before you wake,
You’ll show up to heaven with a smile on your face.

Comb your hair and brush your teeth
In case your Lord and Savior wants to meet.
Pick out your best clothes, lay them by your side,
So the angels can change you when you die.
Practice your curtsies and bows with grace
And show up to heaven with a smile on your face.

God has been watching you since the day you were born.
He knows when you’ve lied and he knows when you’ve sworn.
He knows when you’ve been short and nasty and mean.
He’s heard every dirty thought and watched every dirty dream.
But a good first impression can all your sins erase.
You can sneak into heaven with a smile on your face.

God hates frowners, downers, and pouts.
Sad sacks and mopers really bum Him out.
He spent seven whole days to make a world that we’d like
There was only darkness ‘til he said “Let there be light.”
Then He made the sky and the oceans and the earth.
He put fish in the water and flowers in the dirt.
God put birds in the sky and animals on land
And gave his entire creation over to his greatest work: man.
From where God was sitting, it looked like paradise
But when the glum come to heaven, it makes him think twice.
Let God know that his time didn’t go to waste.
And knock on His door with a smile on your face.

So when you’re lying in bed, say a little joke
Or give yourself a few tiny, ticklish pokes.
Think of horses or summer or a big chocolate cake.
Get yourself grinning, do whatever it takes.
Because when God calls you home to his Eternal Grace
You’ll be thankful you fell asleep with a smile on your face.